Quarter Rat issue No. 4: a strip club power outage, crazy bartender questions

As promised, here’s next issue in our recently-obtained archive of original Quarter Rat issues.

This one is issue number four, which was published sometime in March or early April 2009 (there’s no date), which is indicated by at least one of the advertisements.

Contained in this issue is a list of questions that drive bartenders crazy, written by “Ms. Pumpkintits”; what appears to be a legitimate news story (unconfirmed) about a power outage at Lipstixx strip club; and a few person ads.

“I saw you dancing in the street, barefoot and carefree. Hand Grenade in one hand, 96oz. Beer in the other. You had a blow-up sheep attached to your waste. I followed you for hours, you only threw-up once. I gave you my number but you never called. You know who you are, I need you., JR.”

And ad space was only $40 (wow).

More issues are in the process of being scanned and edited, so stay tuned.

Quarter Rat blast from the past: original issue #1

Quarter Rat blast from the past: original issue #1

Even though the original Quarter Rat publication technically ended years ago, artist and original staff member Eric T. Styles (who is now lending his talents to TheQuarterRat.com) managed to save at least a dozen separate issues published during its run from 2009 to 2013, and a special issue he produced in 2015.

Like many great rags, the Quarter Rat started as a single page news letter, folded in half twice, with stories from the local hospitality industry. In short time, it grew into a full-color zine wonderfully illustrated with Styles’ zany caricatures of the folks you’ll find in the French Quarter.

I’m in the process of scanning/photographing the images. My scanner broke, so I’m having to rely on my DSLR camera for high-resolution images until I get a new one. The process is a bit tedious and includes a bit of editing with photo software. As you can tell, the images aren’t the best and are blurry in some spots. But I promise you they’ll be replaced once I get better images.

In the meantime, enjoy the back issues. They will be published at least once each week as I make the time to scan/photograph each one. They could be published individually or in groups, depending on the progress.

Now that the archive mission has started, I’m looking for any QR issue I don’t have. If you still have any copies in your possession, please email dave@thequarrat.com and let me know what you have.

I present you the first Quarter Rat issue, published on March 9, 2009:

A brief history of Quarter Rat magazine

Brennan’s bunny hops and pops champagne down Royal Street in uplifting, slightly terrifying Easter video

Courtesy of @CityOfNola.

Note: video is not optimized for smartphones or tablets.

Easter Sunday — a holiday normally celebrated with parades and festive crowds was instead marked by a lone Brennan’s restaurant Easter Bunny prancing down Royal Street with saber in hand, popping champagne bottles amid the backdrop of a shuttered and empty French Quarter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city of New Orleans’ official Twitter account shared an April 11 video of a person in a bunny suit skipping down Royal Street and stopping twice to pop champagne bottles with a saber, all while reminding us to social distance six feet apart from each other.

A scene that normally depicts a bustling scene of pedestrians, traffic and commercial activity instead portrayed a picturesque, yet bleak urban landscape nearly devoid of human presence — with the exception of a person in a bunny suit holding a sword while skipping to a recorded singsong tune.

The video is an uplifting sign because the French Quarter hasn’t completely lost its weirdness during the pandemic.

A March 22 stay-at-home order issued by Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards closing nonessential businesses and limiting physical movements of citizens to curb the spread of coronavirus, and a proactive local campaign enforcing gatherings, has led to a virtual shutdown of the French Quarter and its tourist economy.

More than 525,000 presumptive cases, including at least 20,000 deaths, of coronavirus were reported in the U.S. on Sunday, according to data published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Louisiana public health officials have confirmed more than 20,000 cases of coronavirus, which is attributed to at least 840 deaths across the state, according to statistics reported on on Sunday.

At least 5,600 cases, and 235 deaths, attributed to coronavirus have been reported in Orleans Parish.

Thanks for the champagne, Brennan’s bunny. When the pandemic is over, quarter rats will be popping bottles too.

Jeff Goldblum was the grand marshal of Southern Decadence 2019

Actor Jeff Goldblum. Picture by Bryan Crawley via Facebook.

Southern Decadence—New Orleans’s original end of summer Pride celebration occurring on Labor Day this year—was led by none other than actor Jeff Goldblum as the event’s grand marshal on September 1.

Donning a leopard-skinned shirt and zebra pants, Goldblum strolled through the French Quarter greeting fans, along with co-grand marshal, Countess C. Alice (Daryl Dunaway Jr.).

Goldblum is known for his roles in movies such as “Jurassic Park,” “Independence Day,” and “The Fly.” He got his start in 1974 alongside Charles Bronson in the movie “Death Wish.”

New Orleans already has a Pride event that’s celebrated in June of each yea and coincides with similar celebrations across the United States. But Southern Decadence is considered the Big Easy’s largest LGBTQ event. Inspired in part by Tennessee Williams, the jubilee started in 1972 between a group of friends living in Treme who encouraged participants to come dressed as their favorite “Southern decadent.”

Southern Decadence thus became an annual event that attracts tens of thousands of revelers (gay and straight) to the heart of the French Quarter who dress in lavish costumes. The event is often considered the midsummer Mardi Gras and compliments the general drunken tomfoolery that occurs in the Vieux Carré on a daily basis.