The Quarter Rat scopes out Macron visit to the Vieux Carre (PHOTOS)

All photos by Eric T. Styles
The Quarter Rat editor and photographer extraordinaire Eric T. Styles scoped out French President Emmanuel Macron’s trip to the Vieux Carre on Friday, ardently pursuing his entourage to document the once-in-a-lifetime visit from the leader of France as he walked around shaking hands with residents.

Being a French Quarter resident himself, Styles automatically knew where to position himself, fearlessly capturing photos of Macron and his visit with New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

Macron’s visit is the third time France’s president has visited the Big Easy. The last time was when Valery Giscard d’Estaing came in 1976. President Charles de Gaulle made a trip in 1960.

The trip was part of Macron’s tour of America and included talks with Cantrell to strengthen ties between France and the city. In addition, Macron met with Elon Musk to discuss Twitter, according to local news reports.

There may be a gonzo story on what happened coming soon from Styles himself, but for now feast your eyes upon a sample of the photos he snapped during the day-long event.