Kansas City woman attempting to break MS River speed record on a paddle to roll past French Quarter

(Photo: Workers clean up an oil spill along the Mississippi River. | Infrogmation | CC Flickr)
A Kansas City woman diagnosed with a chronic pain condition is attempting to break the Mississippi River speed record using a paddle

Traci Lynn Martin, who is also a nurse, is attempting to become the fastest person to paddle the Mississippi River despite the pain she has from diagnoses of Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2010 and Scleroderma earlier this year, WVLA in Baton Rouge reported on Tuesday.

Lynn, who is documenting her journey on the internet, started at the first checkpoint at Lake Atasca, Minn. on May 17 and has paddled more than 2,000 miles so far. Her goal is to reach Mile Marker 0 in under 61 days, which is the record.

As of 3:15 p.m. EST, Lynn approached Checkpoint 254, her next checkpoint, located at the Bonnet Carre Ramp in Norco, La., according to raceowl.com, where she goes under the username of “MSRTraci2021.”

Her next checkpoint is Checkpoint 255, located at the Shingle Point Ramp in Plaquemines Parish.

Lynn is also documenting her progress on Facebook in the group, JustAroundThePointe.