25 applicants selected for new Jackson Square artist occupational license

(Photo: Artists camp along Decatur Street near Jackson Square. | Michael Gaylard | CC)
Twenty-five artists who applied for permits to set up shop near Jackson Square were selected via a city lottery process that concluded last week.

The New Orleans Bureau of Revenue announced the lottery for the new “Artist A” permits on April 14, with the lottery concluding on April 30 and the winners were contacted on May 5. It was determined that all applicants who met all deadlines and qualifications will be awarded a permit, officials said.

Artists have until May 21 to complete the registration process in order to obtain the permit. Applicants who want to complete registration can visit the Bureau of Revenue at City Hall, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., located at 1300 Perdido St. in Room 1W15.

Applicants can contact Todd M. Ecker, Revenue Field Agent, at tmecker@nola.gov for any questions or assistance.

City code requires artists who sell art on or around Jackson Square to obtain an occupational license and a mayoralty permit from the department.

Those eligible to obtain an “Artist A” permit are qualified applicants who either have a current Pirates Alley “Artist B” permit or have an application on file for a Jackson Square Artist Permit on or before March 31, 2021, New Orleans officials said.

All Pirates Alley permit holders who seek to upgrade to a Jackson Square permit must also present their current “Artist B” permit.

The total cost to complete the registration process and obtain the permit is $175.25.

For more information on the permits, contact the Department of Finance’s Bureau of Revenue Application Unit at 504-658-1630, 504-658-1694 or 504-658-1621, or visit www.nola.gov.