Quarter Rat issue No. 4: a strip club power outage, crazy bartender questions

As promised, here’s next issue in our recently-obtained archive of original Quarter Rat issues.

This one is issue number four, which was published sometime in March or early April 2009 (there’s no date), which is indicated by at least one of the advertisements.

Contained in this issue is a list of questions that drive bartenders crazy, written by “Ms. Pumpkintits”; what appears to be a legitimate news story (unconfirmed) about a power outage at Lipstixx strip club; and a few person ads.

“I saw you dancing in the street, barefoot and carefree. Hand Grenade in one hand, 96oz. Beer in the other. You had a blow-up sheep attached to your waste. I followed you for hours, you only threw-up once. I gave you my number but you never called. You know who you are, I need you., JR.”

And ad space was only $40 (wow).

More issues are in the process of being scanned and edited, so stay tuned.

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