Man arrested on suspicion of arming himself with box cutter during Camp Street robbery

A man was arrested on suspicion of arming himself with a box cutter during a Camp Street robbery earlier this month.

The incident was reported at about 1 p.m. on March 2, when a victim flagged down an Eighth District police officer and told them a male suspect, identified as 33-year-old Jeffrey Fenner, had attempted to rob him in the 100 block of Camp Street, according to New Orleans Police.

The victim told police that Fenner allegedly took his cell phone, then armed himself with a box cutter and demanded money.

Fenner was still on scene armed with the box cutter when the officer contacted him and gave verbal commands to drop the weapon, which he did, according to New Orleans Police, adding that Fenner was taken into custody without injuries.

Fenner was booked into Orleans Parish Justice Center on suspicion on armed robbery and aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon. Bail was set at $20,000.

Fenner. Courtesy of NOPD.

Man arrested after blocking French Quarter street with vehicle, victims cut with a knife during altercation

A man was arrested on suspicion of aggravated battery charges after two people received knife lacerations during an altercation in which he also received injuries to the face after allegedly blocking a French Quarter street with his vehicle earlier this month.

Randall Wilmore, 33, was arrested in the 600 block of Toulouse Street on March 7 and booked into Orleans Parish Justice Center after he cut two victims on the hand, according to New Orleans Police.

The incident was reported shortly before 11 p.m. when officers responded to a report of a disturbance in the 600 block of Toulouse Street involving a vehicle, allegedly driven by Wilmore, that was impeding the flow of traffic.

After two individuals, who weren’t identified, asked Wilmore to move his vehicle, he armed himself with a knife and cut both victims on their hands, according to New Orleans Police.

Wilmore himself was treated for an injury he received to the face after being struck by one of the victims during the altercation and was arrested, New Orleans Police added.

Wilmore. Courtesy of NOPD.

Anonymous customer tips Spirits on Bourbon workers $3K for a second time

(Photo: Courtesy of Spirts on Bourbon)
Mardi Gras ended a little more than a month ago and with hardly any excitement whatsoever due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a detriment to service industry workers in the French Quarter, and especially the bars on Bourbon Street, which were ordered closed through the holiday weekend to, you know, prevent spread of COVID-19.

The weekslong celebrated holiday is typically an opportunity for industry folks to earn money from tips and wages, but both of those were virtually nonexistent because of the coronavirus business restrictions that heavily reduced sales and also kept bars and restaurants from also earning revenue.

But for some French Quarter industry folks, there was an occasional life raft.

For the second time, a patron came in and dropped a $3,000 tip for the staff at Spirits on Bourbon, located at 615 Bourbon St. This time, it was on a tab of only $141.50.

The patron came and tipped the bartender $3,000 in July, also.

Smith was reluctant to identify the patron, citing privacy concerns, but added that it was a man from out of state and runs his own company, but didn’t identify the industry.

“There really are some great people in this world,” co-owner Steve Smith wrote on social media. “You may remember we had a Good Samaritan leave our bartender a $3,000 tip in the beginning of the pandemic. Well, he came back and did it again and gave another server $3k! We are very proud of and happy for our staff.”

French Quarter Management District requests release of $300,000 in funds to keep running

The French Quarter Task Force received more than $300,000 in additional cash last month to keep its supplemental security patrols running, months after voters rejected renewing a tax measure that would have provided funding for the next five years on Dec. 5.

The money was requested by French Quarter Management District officials, who manage the patrols and who requested New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell release the money after learning it was being withheld last week, according to executive director Karley Frankic. Then came the dueling press releases:

“Late last year, the French Quarter Management District represented to the city and to the general public that they would continue to fund task force operations in the French Quarter through April, when a new funding mechanism will go before voters,” Cantrell said in an emailed statement on Feb. 21. “The FQMD failed to manage their financial resources effectively enough to keep these patrols on the street, and their funding expired today. 

“Because the FQMD failed to meet their obligations, the city will be tapping into reserve funds from the French Quarter Economic Development District to continue providing security in the Quarter,” Cantrell added. “The city remains committed to public safety, and to solving the security problem created by the FQMD.”

Then there was also this press release from the FQMD:

“The mayor’s office is holding $327,000 of those sales tax dollars that were previously obligated to pay for Louisiana State Police to patrol the French Quarter through 2020,” Frankic wrote, also on Feb. 21. “Had the city fulfilled its obligations of fiscal transparency with the sales tax revenue collection and spending, the public would have known that the mayor was holding these funds that were obligated to pay for supplemental public safety in the French Quarter.

“Since voters rejected the mayor’s tax renewal in December, the French Quarter Management District has reached out to the Mayor’s office continuously to negotiate a long-term cooperative endeavor agreement to continue the Supplemental Police Patrol Program after the April vote, and the mayor’s office has yet to answer the call for a meeting, remaining focused on the agenda of the Mayor and not of the voters,” Frankic added.

An April 24 ballot measure to vote on a new, but similar FQEDD tax, will go before voters.

The FQMD was created with the passage of state legislation in 2007 with the purpose of revitalizing the French Quarter after Hurricane Katrina. In 2015, French Quarter voters approved the FQEDD, with a 0.2495% sales tax on good and services (equating to 25 cents for every $100) including hotel stays, to fund public safety measures following a rash of violent crime in the neighborhood that year and to assist an understaffed police department, according to Frankic.

Identity sought by NOPD in Iberville Street vehicle burglary

New Orleans Police are searching for a person who was identified as the alleged suspect in a March 12 vehicle burglary on Iberville Street.

The vehicle burglary was reported shortly before 3 p.m. in the 100 block of Iberville Street, according to New Orleans Police.

Surveillance camera footage of an alleged suspect sought in a March 12 vehicle burglary in the 100 block of Iberville Street. Courtesy of the NOPD.

During the incident, the suspect allegedly stole multiple tools from the interior portion of a white van before fleeing on foot in an unspecified direction.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call Eighth District detectives at 504-658-6080 or Crimestoppers of Greater New Orleans at 504-822-1111.