Baristas unionize at Chartres Street coffee shop

French Truck Coffee via Yelp.

Baristas voted to form a union at the French Truck Coffee shop on Chartres Street, joining a local Teamsters chapter in the process, according to the National Labor Relations Board.

NLRB records show the votes were cast on Sept. 20, forming the union that includes all full- and regular part-time baristas employed at the French Truck Coffee located at 217 Chartres St. The union joins Teamsters Local 270 in New Orleans.

Eight people participated in the election and the vote was unanimous, federal records show.

The election designated a collective bargaining representative, who negotiates with French Truck management on behalf of the baristas for better pay and working conditions.

Once the NLRB recognizes a workers union, the employer is required to bargain with the representative over terms and conditions of employment, and cannot interfere with the union or discriminate against workers for participating in union activities, among other requirements.