Trump stopped at Cafe du Monde and gets bag of beignets, tips $100

Donald Trump’s motorcade at Cafe du Monde on Tuesday. Photo credit: Kevin Charles
Former President Donald Trump stopped at Cafe du Monde on Tuesday while en route to a fundraising event and then tipped $100 after receiving a bag of beignets, according to local reports.

The pit stop didn’t appear to be much of a surprise to the local press, since “reporters, cameramen and photographers” were perfectly positioned to capture Trump’s moves as he strolled through the “quintessential” French Quarter attraction, according to Locals and passersby seemed to be caught off guard, which could be explained by the fact that these people don’t follow the fucking news.

One of our fans happened to be nearby when Trump’s motorcade came through and snapped a pic, thankfully, and sent it to us. Our loyal fan was driving past the shops in the 800 block of Decatur Street, a few doors down from Cafe du Monde, when he noticed the motorcade.

“So I rode past a bunch of [old people] and I’m like what’s going on with all this fuckery, do you know what’s going on?” said Kevin Charles. “And they were like no so I’m like oh all right. So I start moving in there like I’m pretty sure Trump’s in town and I was like oh all right fucking right man. And they said some snooty remark and I just kept walking, because fuck those old timers.”

According to, Trump – who is running for a second term as president – was on his way to a campaign fundraiser in Old Metairie when he decided to stop for some white powder-dusted beignets. A server handed him a bag of three beignets, a cafe au lait and Trump tipped the employee $100. His time in the restaurant was about five minutes, according to the newspaper.