Man with beer takes dip in French Quarter sinkhole (VIDEO)

The approximate location of the sinkhole on Ursulines Ave. | Infrogmation | Wikimedia Commons
A video uploaded to YouTube last week shows a man sitting chest-high in a Ursulines Avenue sinkhole in the middle of the street and while holding a beer.

The video was taken by French Quarter tour guide Drew Cothern, who happened to be at the location near the Ursuline Convent on Oct. 1, according to, which uploaded the clip to YouTube.

We haven’t heard any news over whether the man got sick, was hospitalized or died after taking the dip in the sinkhole.

According to the Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents and Associates, the hole was later filled-in by New Orleans city workers, so no more late-night pool parties in the middle of Ursulines Avenue – for now.