Fuck Europe

I had a bit of a discussion on social media concerning high speed rail development in the United States. I pointed out the short comings of the high speed system under construction in California. Billions of cost over runs and impracticality of route plans. It will never be completed. A gentleman in Australia deflected the debate to the United States defense budget. Ok, let’s go there Mr. Lefty. 

I 100% agree with you. Let’s decrease the U.S. defense budget by at least 50% to start. Abandon all of our European bases, bring the troops home. Fuck Europe, Putin can have those Dark Age ingrates. Judging by the politics of Europe, those EU peasants love taxation and tyranny.  

Had we known, we could have pulled out of Europe in the 1950’s and let Stalin have you. Our bad, we meddled. In the past 70 years or so, it seems South Korea was the only success story from U.S. intervention. Ask an elderly South Korean how things turned out for them. If you disagree with that notion, then you probably got your history degree from a bad 1970’s TV sit-com.  

Americans drop loads of cash to travel over there to see your dusty old buildings and you treat them like shit. Every person I know who have gone to your rickety old continent have said there were a few cool things, but the people are snobby and condescending. Especially the French. Even the rest of Europe really don’t like the French. There is plenty of cool shit to see on our continent, keep those U.S. dollars on our own damn soil. We’ll produce less carbon by traveling domestically too. 

Let Putin have you, his empire can spread from sea to shining sea just like ours. However if he fucks with us, we’ll turn Moscow into a sun. We’ll pull out of NATO and the United Nations and you lot can fight it out with swords and pitchforks again. It will be God’s choice of who wins and rules over you just like times of old. 

We just gave Ukraine $45 billion that we didn’t really have until we printed it. Along with the other billions we scatter across the globe to keep U.S. puppets in office. Let’s say that’s $50 billion dollars we pissed away this year on people that don’t even like us and we have to buy drinks for just to get them to talk to us. A sad and pathetic foreign policy.  

If we are going to print out money, keep it here. $50 billion divided up among 50 states would have been a billion for each state to fix their own infrastructure. So every state can now have a pork barrel high speed train that carries a dozen passengers a day.  

Combine your own militaries. Put Great Britain in charge of the Navy, it’s the one thing they seem to get right. Even when the Limies lose they strut around boasting about how gallantly lost. Don’t let them have anything to do with the mess halls. Let the Italians handle catering. Anyone who has ever dined with an Italian family will tell you, you won’t go hungry.  

Don’t let the French near the food no matter how much they insist. It will be in tiny portions and will be way over budget. Or tanks, don’t let the French have anything to do with the tanks. They will end up with one forward gear and three reverse. What can France add to the conflict? The same as always, the battlefield.  

The Swedes can build the aircraft. They will be just like their cars, reliable but ugly. Sorry England, the days of the Spitfire and Harrier jet are over. The Frogs are still trying to figure out how to put reverse on a Mirage jet.  

Let the Germans handle the army and tanks. Yea I know, not the greatest win record. This will be a grudge match. The Krauts can produce their infamous over-engineered tanks. With the rest of Europe on their side , they stand a better chance. Just check the calendar this time guys.  

Leftists always use the same tropes: “Waa, we spend three times as much on defense than the other countries. Waa, Europe has free healthcare, and we don’t.” Yea, no shit. Americans have spent trillions over the decades keeping other countries’ asses safe while we get reduced to a second world standard of living.  

Let Russians, or the Moors or Mongols invade you, it will be just like the good old days for you Medieval fucktards. Our fat American asses will be eating burgers and watching it all unfold on TV. 

Next time I will present arguments for the invasion of Canada.