New Orleans Police increase neutral ground parking enforcement near French Quarter

(Photo: NOPD)
Parking enforcement has increased along several neutral ground areas near the French Quarter, where New Orleans Police said drivers are parking illegally after heavy rains.

Eighth District police officers are working with city officials from the Department of Public Works’ Parking Division to enforce parking along neutral areas that also include the Central Business and Warehouse district areas.

During heavy rains, the city approves drivers parking on the neutral grounds to avoid low-lying areas that are prone to flooding, although vehicles must be removed to a legal parking location after the approval is lifted.

But drivers have been leaving their vehicles on the neutral grounds and in some residential areas after parking restriction is reinstated, leading to complaints and prompting enforcement, according to New Orleans Police.

Hundreds of citations were issued from July 2 to July 10.

The official breakdown from the New Orleans Police, which also includes 23 vehicles immobilized with boots due to unpaid fines: 90 citations on July 2, 136 on July 3, 125 on July 9 and 143 on July 10.

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