Google Maps captured pictures of a giant, inflatable shit pile on North Peters Street

A giant, inflatable pile of shit that appeared in a parking of North Peters Street in February 2020 has been preserved on Google Maps.

The pile is actually a poo “emoji” that has somehow been replicated into an actual physical, inflatable object and used as a prop in the French Quarter Feb. 28 – March 1, 2020 while on a multi-state tour to promote Poo-pourri, a spray fragrance used to mask the lingering smell of shit after you take a dump.

We screen-shotted a picture of the shit, which appears on Google Map’s street view, and posted it above.

The company, which is based in Texas, camped its shit emoji at the parking lot located in the 500 block of North Peters Street.

For three days, people were invited into the poo house where they were given a “transformative” video production experience of shit and encouraged to drop the “negative shit you’ve been holding on to.”

Google just happened to be driving along North Peters Street on one of those days and captured a small set of photos only seen at the intersection of St. Louis and North Peters streets. Once you pass the intersection, the shit pile disappears.

Was it or was it not a coincidence that Google Maps happened to be rolling past the poo emoji in the parking lot that day? There may never be an answer. But here’s another question: are flies attracted to shit?

For what it’s worth, if anybody reading this has been inside that thing and cares to describe their experience to the staff at The Quarter Rat, we are really interested in studying your thoughts.

And if any Quarter Rat reading this has actually used Poo-Pourri, please write us a product review in 250 words or less and send it to or