30-foot pop-up inflatable poo emoji appears in the French Quarter

(Photo: Imgur)
A 30-foot-tall inflatable poo emoji popped up in the French Quarter on Friday and was placed there by a company trying to bring brand awareness to a product that masks the smell of feces.

The Addison, Texas-based company Poo-Pourri brought its inflatable pile of poo to the 500 Decatur St. parking lot, where it attracted dozens of onlookers who snapped selfies in front of the emoji over the weekend.

The inflatable pile was a part of a cross-country Giant Poo tour that started in Dallas in October 2019 and made its way to New Orleans for a three-day stop.

For 12-hours each day between Feb. 28 and March 1, participants entered the inflatable poo house where they encountered a “transformative” video production experience of shit and dropping the “negative shit you’ve been holding on to.”

More information can be found at giantpoo.com.