We all have that knucklehead friend

This is a true story by Jay Slusher. Graphic by Eric T. Styles.

Not long ago, in New Orleans, I was working the door at the corner of Bourbon Street and Toulouse. It was a Saturday night. Despite recent COVID-19 restrictions, we were having a great night, a decent crowd, buying drinks and Papa Doc was on the mic.

We got a group from New Jersey: four females and two dudes, buying shots and chilling. One of the female’s boyfriend shows up, a Black dude maybe 40 years old? He gets into a dispute with my manager and shot girl at the door. His girlfriend and friends are trying to chill him out, but he’s not having it and we’re not letting him back in.

His friend is being cool AF and apologizing to us, trying to grab on me and the manager. The girlfriend is wrestling with him and getting pissed. She takes him around the corner and we’re thinking it’s over.

The manager goes up the street to check the other club and the next thing I know, the dude comes charging around the corner heading for me all aggro!

I’m thinking, OK I’m about to go hands-on. It wouldn’t be the first time, but I’m outnumbered 8-to-1 if the friends jump in.

The girlfriend is not having it! She grabs her boyfriend, slams him into the car that just pulled up at the corner and then BODY-SLAMMED him to the street! She hands her jacket to one of her girls and proceeds to beat the breaks off him!!

Then she pins him to the ground for a good five minutes whaling on him and talking shit. Hundreds of people are out and some starting recording with their smartphones. She finally lets him up and it’s a whole attitude change.

He’s laughing and hugging her, shit was hilarious. She kept it gangsta.

Girlfriend and half the group stuffed him into an Uber and left. The remaining group asked if they can come back in and hang out and I’m like, “absolutely!”

We all have that knucklehead friend. I told them if your girl ever needs a job, hit me up! That girl threw some cage match moves!