Just no clue

The patron Saint of being unaware.

We have seen countless examples around the country of clueless Governors, Mayors and political hacks being oblivious to public optics. Locking down cities, closing businesses and placing Draconian regulations on the general public all the while exempting themselves from the very rules they institute. Hypocrites? Perhaps they just lack the self awareness that they are not above those that they govern.

Mayor Cantrell posted the following on Twitter:

An alter holding a prayer candle with her photo on it “Phase 2, What did I say?” What kind of an arrogant mindset would think that this was appropriate? I’m only barely religious and never have been a Catholic, but I was shocked by this. If it was given to her as a gag gift, fine. Just keep it in your kitchen as a chuckle for friends and family. To place it on a shrine surrounded by crosses and a relief of the Last Supper and post it on social media is totally oblivious the optics.

I recognize that the leftist Democrats hold things like religion and God in contempt. It’s all open to ridicule. Except for Islam which they are quick to defend. You know, the religion that oppresses women and still openly practices slavery.

Previous posts of hers have shown her view of New Orleans to be homogeneous city of just the African-American culture. No recognition of the dozen or so other cultures that are woven together that make up the city. Catholicism is a major influence in this community. To place herself in the same position as Saints shows not just narcissism, but insensitivity to the beliefs of others. Whether she intended to mock a major religion or not, that is how it came across.

The tweet was deleted after a few of us commented on how clueless she seemed to be concerning the beliefs of others.

Take a look at how she proposed to handle Mardi Gras 2021. To have the floats be set up stationary and small groups to be allowed to approach the floats (while remaining six feet apart) while those on the floats hand them throws. They could not be called “float riders” since they would be stationary and also standing at a safe distance. Also no alcohol. Add to that ingenious plan the arrow stickers on Bourbon Street intended to keep opposing foot traffic on opposite sides of the street. Has she even been to a parade or walked Bourbon Street?

Mayors in every major city around America are showing what power crazed tyrants they want to be. Evidently being a political tyrant isn’t enough, now they have to strive to be a deity. I get a kick out of some of her sycophantic followers on social media praising her lock down and chastising those of us who want the city to re-open. “Do you want people to die?” Well, Latoya can just wave her hand and bring them back to life I now assume.

Mayor Cantrell, if you really want to be viewed as a religious figure, might I suggest Shiva the destroyer.

LaShiva the Destroyer

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