A Vieux From Toulouse

“Comparing the explosion in Lebanon to the hotel collapse in New Orleans is comparing apples to oranges.”

Most everyone is aware of the massive explosion that took place in Beirut, Lebanon on Aug. 4. So far the death toll is approximately at 200, with anticipation of that number rising, thousands injured and catastrophic damage to the city center. The cause is believed to be 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, a very explosive material stored in a warehouse.

In the days following the deadly blast, it became apparent that the leaders and government officials were well aware of the very real hazard in the heart of the city. This sparked massive nation-wide protests that lead to the resignation of the Prime Minister and other responsible parties. As of Aug. 8, Badri Daher, the director-general of Lebanon’s customs authority, and 20 other people have been arrested. Protests still continue addressing previous smoldering grievances.

The protesters want accountability of their government for the negligence and possible corruption that lead to this tragedy. It’s basic responsibility of citizens to hold those accountable that we place in charge of public safety. The law isn’t one-sided, it applies to those who enforce it as well. That is the premise behind many protests here in the U.S. The government (police) must be held accountable for wrongful death of citizens with the same standard that the government holds the citizens.

Now let’s talk about the Hard Rock Hotel collapse.
“Hold on there buddy. Comparing the explosion in Lebanon to the collapse in NOLA is comparing apples to oranges.”
No it’s not. It’s comparing three apples to 200 apples. Only quantity is different.

City officials negligent in their duties have directly lead to the deaths of citizens. The only protests, and outrage, were over the ridiculously long period of time that it took to recover the bodies. I’m sure when that is done, the mayor will give everyone a pat on the back and hopes this goes away for good.

Where the fuck have you been New Orleans citizens? I watched all of you spend a week protesting an event that took place in another city. In your outrage you want another city to seek justice for one death, but you don’t seem to give a damn about your own city killing three. What’s the problem? These local deaths aren’t trendy enough? It isn’t nationally hip and cool enough for you to care? A late-night talk show host didn’t tell you to go out and protest it, so you didn’t?

The audacity of our own city officials encouraging the George Floyd protests in New Orleans during a lockdown for the rest of us. Great smoke screen for Mayor Karen, point to another city’s lack of accountability for its employees while sweeping her own under the tarp.

Records show the city engineers failed to even go to the construction site on days they signed off on permits. Who were their supervisors? Who supervised the supervisors? Yes there were a couple of resignations—with a pension, I bet.

Those city engineers will probably now go work for private developers and construction companies where they will be the ones sliding an envelope across the desk with a wink to their former co-worker. I guess the voters are cool with that.

Where are protests from construction workers? Do Contractor Lives Matter? It’s your asses out there; these were your peers. I know, the companies that you work for would discourage you from protesting the very system that they enable and profit from. Your truck payment is more important I guess.

Didn’t the developer donate $70,000 to the Mayor and her cronies? Any investigation into that? We don’t trust cops to police themselves, but City hall can investigate itself?

This whole thing stinks like a rotting corpse over Canal Street.

Quinnyon Wimberly recovered from Hard Rock Hotel ruins

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