A Vieux From Toulouse

Removing Confederate statues is not enough.
Renaming streets named for those involved in the slave trade is not enough.
Is the fleur-de-lis comparable a swastika

Anyone with the least bit of historic knowledge is aware of the vile racist origin of the fleur-de-lis in New Orleans. It was used by French colonialists to brand black slaves who ran away and were returned. Today, it is the quaint symbol of the city of New Orleans. Used on city vehicles, city letterheads, tourism brochures, company logos, signage and any material promoting the city. Let that sink in.

Walk through the city and you see the fleur-de-lis everywhere.

A symbol, burned into the flesh of black slaves who dared enough to try and run away to freedom, is now on city letterhead. Pretty fucking insensitive if you ask me.

The same symbol is found on the vehicles of the NOPD.
(Let that sink in too, alongside the other thingy.)

Would we tolerate a swastika on the doors of our city vehicles? Then why this?
Mayor Cantrell, can we get a commitment from you to remove ALL fleur-de-lis from city controlled properties? Will you help to encourage the removal of the hateful image from commercial use?
The statues were only a start.

Now let’s turn our attention to the New Orleans Saints. First of all, WTF with the name? Do you understand how highly offensive that name is to those of different faiths? There are atheists and Muslims in this city too. Let’s look at your NFL logo. The fleur-de-lis? Really? On the helmet, front, back and shoulders. The shoulder by coincidence is where the brand was burned into the shoulders of the slaves. The owners love that logo I guess.

NFL, can we get a commitment from you that the Saints NFL team will not be permitted to play in a season game until the change their insensitive name and racist logo? Would you permit a team to have swastikas on their helmets, then why a fleur-de-lis?