Unique Grocery on Royal Street ordered to shut down for not regulating social distancing

(Photo: Paul Sableman | CC Flickr)
Unique Grocery store, located at 127 Royal St., was issued a “social distancing” cease and desist order from the city. It’s unclear when the order was issued, although one resident captured a photo of the order posted to the front door on Thursday.

The store was declared “dangerous and unsafe” because people “cannot maintain social distancing,” according to the city notice, “cease desist operations until operational plan.”

A city spokeswoman didn’t respond to emails seeking comment on Friday.

The city recently, on May 16, entered “Phase One” reopening as coronavirus restrictions are eased for “low-risk” businesses, while still being required to maintain public health guidelines, including limiting occupancy.

The Department of Safety and Permits is tasked with enforcing Phase One requirements.

Visit nola.ready.gov for a full list of reopening guidelines.