Sewage system cited as possible cause for Dec. 16 explosion on Dauphine

Officials cited methane gas as a cause for the Dec. 16 explosion near Dauphine and Toulouse streets, local media reported.

The explosion, which reportedly occurred at approximately 5 a.m. on Dec. 16, caused an audible “boom” and blew three manhole covers. A video posted to social media shows a car on fire after the explosion.

Terry Ebbert, New Orleans Director of Public Safety and Security, reportedly told WWLTV that fumes from waste somehow ignited and erupted with flames near Toulouse and Dauphine.

WWLTV reported that the State Fire Marshal’s office indicated a faulty Entergy electrical line may have caused the explosion.

Entergy, the New Orleans Fire and Police departments and EMS vehicles reportedly arrived on scene and closed the block to the public.

No injuries were reported.