Compac Groceries on St. Louis Street closes


Picture by Tanya TJ Lewis via Facebook.

Compac Groceries, a convenience store utilized by tourists and locals located at 731 St. Louis, has closed after several years.

It’s unclear when the store closed. However, several people on social media have reported on June 26 that the longtime store has closed and will be replaced by a Willie’s Chicken Shack.

Located near the corner of Bourbon Street and St. Louis, Compac sold sundry items including to-go beers, snacks, and glass bongs. The store’s closure received a mixed reaction on social media, with some remembering it as just another over-priced French Quarter mini-mart with expensive ATM fees, others called it a convenient spot to purchase booze, while some reminisced of good times had there.

There is some good news, however. There is a second store, called Compak, located at 501 Dauphine.