I present to you New World Quarter, a graphic novel published in 2015, two years after the initial Quarter Rat publication folded. While the publication in name ceased to exist, its spirit lives on in various representations, including this one.

The content was written in 2014 and reflected the French Quarter at the time. Much of what you’ll find inside will be familiar, although the settings and circumstances may seem like a far off memory. No longer can we walk inside of a local bar and socialize with our friends, neighbors or random tourists; buy shots at 3 a.m.; or see live music at our favorite venue. Five years ago seems like a decade ago compared to how quickly the world is changing at the moment. Hell, five months ago seems like five years ago.

The French Quarter scenery, however, has remained relatively the same. It was, and still is, the inspiration for the illustrations and dialogue, although some things are missing. Many of our favorite local dives are either gone or on their way out. Johnny White’s, a French Quarter institution for 50 years, is gone. We don’t dwell on such losses, although its absence adds to the melancholy we refer to as “the blues.”

But the French Quarter is more than 300 years old. What started as a small riverfront settlement of about 100 log huts is now a thriving riverfront neighborhood of exquisite buildings containing a deep culture with origins that precede America. The neighborhood doesn’t even look the same as it did; two fires in the late 18th century destroyed the vast majority of its original buildings.

Businesses and buildings come and go, although efforts are made to preserve them. But inanimate objects don’t make the French Quarter, the people do.

The government-induced, COVID-19 pandemic-influenced severe economic downturn is closing small businesses and forcing some of its longtime workers, the characters whose presences are vital to the character of the French Quarter, to relocate elsewhere and maybe never to return. The pandemic didn’t cause this; it just accelerated it.

What’s still consistent in New World Quarter is the Vieux Carre Commission, which still exerts its authority over property owners in order to preserve the historic look of the Quarter, except now their public meetings are held remotely and its building inspectors are wearing masks.

The themes expressed in New World Quarter fall within the fringe realm of conspiracy theories. They’re zany and, in many ways, meant to poke fun at themselves. Yet the authoritarianism we come to associate with these ideas smells eerily familiar to us, given our current situation. Hopefully they stay confined only to the pages of a graphic novel. –Editor

Bad Ass Uncle Sam

(Photo: Uncle Louie wants you to speak your fuckin’ mind. | Lorie Shaull | CC)
The Quarter Rat wants to offer a wider range of voices to our opinion page. We do not want a one sided editorial page. There is too much of that in media. Let’s hear both sides. I see myself as a libertarian. (Which of course to Progressives, that’s the same as being a Nazi.) The Quarter Rat would welcome diversity in opinions on this page. If you are interested in writing an op-ed for please contact the publisher: dave at

The French Quarter has a staple of conservatism in Michael DiBari. For years he and his cart could be found in front of the Federal Court House on Royal Street, and now he and his YouTube channel are located down by the French Market. Check out his videos and interviews on his YouTube channel, or swing by in person.

Bad Ass Uncle Sam down at the French Market.

A Vieux From Toulouse

I am sick and tired of fucking white people
who say “Fucking White People”

I can’t hold back from ripping into all of you patronizing, condescending virtue signaling white assholes any longer. You are embarrassing the entire human race, both white and black. You with your constant “Look at how not racist I am” attitude.

Over my 57 years of contact with humanity the one pattern that I have noticed is projection, in myself and others. The ones who are the first to accuse others of being liars are usually the biggest bullshitters. The coworker who is quick to scream theft when he can’t find something usually has the stickiest fingers. The ones who scream racism are the ones who only see skin color, never the content of character.

I’m done with trying to have reasonable conversations with Lilly-assed progressives anxious to prove themselves morally superior to the other honkies. Here are some of my favorite examples of why I feel this way from the past decade.

“Well, you just don’t know what it’s like to be a black person in America.”
“AND YOU DO? You grew up in a neighborhood as white as mine and far more affluent, so you do?”
“Well, I have lots of black friends who tell me what it’s like to be black.”

Really? If you preface “friend” with a skin color, then they aren’t really your friend, they are your token. I’ve seen it on social media. The same white person who loves to share bad cop videos posting a selfie with their minority co-worker. Their arm draped around some black guy’s neck with their self-satisfied grin, and the black coworker trying to turn their grimace into a smile. He knows, he isn’t their BFF, he’s just their novelty. I went through their friends list, hmmm, all white hipsters about the same age wearing the same pretentious T-shirts. There was a couple of more selfies taken with a transperson and a Spanish-looking barback from work.

It must be like a progressive scavenger hunt for them. “I just need to take a picture with an Asian, an indigenous American and a Middle Easterner and I will have completed my collection!”  Okay, throw a neck hold on a guy from Pakistan and try to take a picture, see how that works out for you. “Collect them all!”

Is there some sort of a phone app that breaks down your contacts into a neat little pie chart? “I have this many black friends, this many Hispanic, these are my LGBQT friends and these are my white friends. Oh, but they are cool white friends who think like me. I don’t have any conservative white friends because I am so inclusive.”

There was this one real knee jerk liberal I met here in the Quarter before he moved to Canada. Imagine that, a progressive that actually did move to Canada. A student of “environmental science” (I am not making any of this up, so help me), he became a Facebook friend with me before he left. I guess it was 2011-ish. I would post my usual political diatribes, a lot about the economy under Obama. I criticized Obama’s handling of it, which brought great wrath from this new found Canadian. Of course commenting on the poor shape of the economy just confirmed that I was a full-blown racist.

“What fucking right do you have to call me a racist?” I demanded. He responded by posting his profile picture, him with his black girlfriend. A new twist on the term “Trophy Wife.” I cringed in embarrassment for him, I felt sad for his girlfriend. To date that one post he made has to be the most racist thing I have ever come across on Facebook.

I later had to unfriend him since he was unable to have a civil discussion. Mr. Feminist called my female friend a “Dumb Cunt” for being a George Bush supporter. Ironic that progressives feel the right to tell minorities, women and gays how they should vote. I guess they just aren’t smart enough to figure it out for themselves.

“Trump is a racist.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Well, he just is.”
“Give me an example of how?”
“Well, just everything.”
“Like what?”
“Like everything!”
“Well if you can’t see how he’s a racist then you must be one too.”

“At least I’m NOT a racist.” She says. Perhaps not. I do know you are a pathological liar, a chronic alcoholic, a cokehead and I suspect that you perform fellatio on strange men for money, but at least you’re not a Trump supporter. You got that going for you when you look in the mirror. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself, I guess.

I think I have to have more respect for the overt racist than the covert racist. The overt racist who says “I don’t like black people” is at least honest and open about their prejudice. The covert racist who proclaims “I love black people” is by far more insidious and deceitful. Neither party are concerned with character, only the color of skin. One person insists that black people aren’t smart enough to get into college, the other person insists that we need to lower the entrance exam scores so more black people can get into college. What’s the difference between those two perspectives? None.

Conservatives want to see black people with a good paying jobs, free from dependency on the government. A progressive wants to see more welfare benefits for black people and to have them always reliant on the system. Who is the racist?

A conservative will insist “You can do any fucking thing that you put your mind to and work hard at” The progressive will insist “You will never be able to get ahead in the world without us using our white privilege to help you.” If I were black I would be protesting those racists. “Don’t be lowering the bar for me motherfucker, I don’t need your help or hand-outs.” No, I don’t know what it’s like to be black, I just know what it’s like to be human. I hate condescension.

The soft racism of low expectations.

If you defend the 99% of good law enforcement, you are called a bootlicker by progressives. Do you want to know what a bootlicker is? It’s the insecure, weak kid that kisses the ass of the school bully in hopes that he won’t be a target of violence. It’s the business that places a BLM poster in their window hoping they won’t come in in the morning to find their life’s work looted. It’s the white liberal with a “COEXIST” bumper sticker on the back of their Prius hoping that they won’t get pulled out and assaulted for being the wrong color in the wrong place. “BUT I’M ON YOUR SIDE! LOOK! I POSTED A BLACK SQUARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA!”  “I posted White People Suck! I’m the good kind of white person!”

How many countless examples have we seen just in the past few years? The white liberal outraged at an old photo of white coal miners covered with coal dust “That looks like black-face!” “It’s coal dust from their job.” “Yea, but it looks like black face so it should be removed.” Looks like black-face only to him. Why is it that the first to hear “Racist Dog-Whistles” are always the white progressives? “Oooooh! He said the word ‘Monkey!’” “Uhm, yea, that was because he visited the primate house at the zoo.” “We all know what he was REALLY referring to.”

How do you trigger a white progressive?
Just say the word “Watermelon.”

I guess my point to this essay is: You are not helping the situation, you are making it worse for everyone. You will not be exempt from the violence and fires you fan. “All white people are racist except for me” is not a brilliant strategy. You are a Jew telling the SS officers where the other Jews are hiding. Eventually, you will be the last Jew tossed into the death camp where those you ratted on will be waiting for you.