Man arrested after blocking French Quarter street with vehicle, victims cut with a knife during altercation

A man was arrested on suspicion of aggravated battery charges after two people received knife lacerations during an altercation in which he also received injuries to the face after allegedly blocking a French Quarter street with his vehicle earlier this month.

Randall Wilmore, 33, was arrested in the 600 block of Toulouse Street on March 7 and booked into Orleans Parish Justice Center after he cut two victims on the hand, according to New Orleans Police.

The incident was reported shortly before 11 p.m. when officers responded to a report of a disturbance in the 600 block of Toulouse Street involving a vehicle, allegedly driven by Wilmore, that was impeding the flow of traffic.

After two individuals, who weren’t identified, asked Wilmore to move his vehicle, he armed himself with a knife and cut both victims on their hands, according to New Orleans Police.

Wilmore himself was treated for an injury he received to the face after being struck by one of the victims during the altercation and was arrested, New Orleans Police added.

Wilmore. Courtesy of NOPD.