Quarter Rat Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: Nola 09, Issues #1-8

Alas, Quarter Rat’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, a compilation edition containing the first eight issues published in 2009.

Although not specified, this issue was published sometime in the late summer, possibly in August or September of 2009.

By the time this issue was released, 19,000 copies of Quarter Rat were distributed, mostly by hand, according to publisher “Otis B. Easy.”

Featured in this issue is a story of “local legend” Goldie, a man who painted himself in gold for tips; and “Homesick Mississippi Men’s Room Blues,” a seminal literary work of art by writer and Quarter Rat plankowner Jay Slusher.

After a long hiatus, Slusher has returned to writing and plans to submit a comeback piece before the end of the year.

Is this a positive sign the French Quarter is returning to a semblance of a pre-coronavirus normal? We think so. According to the Chinese zodiac cycle, 2020 is the year of the rat. The year may soon be over, but we’re just getting started.