Fill out this survey to let New Orleans city officials know your ideas on French Quarter pedestrianization

(Photo: Bourbon Street in 2010. | InSapphoWeTrust/CC Flickr)
New Orleans city officials have issued an online survey seeking the public’s input for ideas on how to turn the entire French Quarter into a pedestrian mall.

In May, Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced the city formed a task force to explore the idea of eliminating automobile traffic in the French Quarter.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique opportunity to explore creative, pedestrian-centric approaches that have the potential to draw both locals and tourists to the French Quarter,” according to New Orleans officials.

The survey asks 11 questions that seek answers on how planners can improve quality of life with sustainable pedestrian-only models and offer a safe and comfortable access for all residents, among other things.

The answers are anonymous, but will ultimately help planners develop their final designs.

Visit here to fill out the survey.

“No cars in the Quarter”: Mayor Cantrell sends team to research turning French Quarter into pedestrian mall