A Vieux From Toulouse (NSFW)

(All graphics/memes/GIFs by Eric T. Styles)
President Biden? Am I upset? Hell no. I’m sitting here stoned off of my ass listening to the French Quarter celebrating, and I am too. So many victories from the past four years to celebrate, so many yet to come.

Thirty years ago, I worked as an editorial cartoonist for a few small newspapers. Today, I am a MEME artist. Biden is the Holy Grail to memesters. He will be the John Holmes of meme porn. Sniffing memes, gaffes, senility, racism, corruption, children, crack pipes, laptops, China, Ukraine. I’m going to have to start a new file. Vice President-elect Harris is, well, Harris. We know how she got her start. Of course all criticism of her will instantly be labeled racist and sexist, so why hold back? Expect to see meme vulgarity to be bumped up to 11.

The past four years has shown what too much TV will do to the human mind. The pop culture idolaters have stood on their roof tops and screamed enough that we know who they are: those who worship stars and Hollywood, those who really can’t have an original thought and are easily manipulated. Your hatred for Trump isn’t an ideal, it’s a fashion accessory. “Look at me! I’m wearing the same exact outfit as my favorite has been TV actress!” No offense to my neighbors, we can still talk about the weather.

Orange Man Bad!

What are all of the Trump haters going to do for self-esteem now? For over four years Trump was the sole focus of their existence. No matter the subject being discussed they would try to squeeze in “Oh yea? What about Drumpf?” They would experience a momentary spurt of endorphin from the illusion of being morally and intellectually superior, by being part of the “in crowd.” Like nerdy Star Wars fans who always manage to make a reference to the franchise regardless of the topic of conversation. Trump haters spent more time talking about him than his supporters did. What will the establishment use now to fill the voids in their vacant lives? Who will be the new comic book villains for ratings?

This is CNN

As if the media apparatus wasn’t transparent enough during the Obama administration, they totally have dropped the robe and come out of the closet as flaming partisan propaganda. CNN and FOX are on the same side if you haven’t noticed yet. It’s like cheering for Coke or Pepsi. FOX hated Trump but pretended to like him for the ratings, CNN loved him for the ratings by being the cult pulpit. This has given rise to alternative media. YouTube, Bitchute and others have given us the new face of journalism. If you doubt their credibility, then please return to your billion dollar corporate news monopolies.

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Robert DeNiro

A total collapse of respect for all aspects of Hollywood. We got to see how unhinged and insipid celebrities are. We always kind of knew it, but had hoped a few of them were genuine people who deserved their $50 million mansion. I didn’t see any. With the heavy hit of the pandemic closing theaters and the riff they tore with about 50% of Americans, Hollywood is over. This is their final scene, like a porn actress at the end of a gangbang movie. Their make-up is smeared and dripping with the transparent ooze of what mindless ideologues they truly are. Same goes for corporate sports.

BBC (Brilliant Black Conservatives)
The new face of Punk. Many of them are to the right of me, fuckin’ heroes. They chest out to their own while bitch-slapping the establishment and the DNC. In all of the tens of thousands voices that we have heard from in the past four years, theirs are often the strongest and most sincere. They are the ones the white progressives will scream at and call “Uncle Tom, Coon and Nigger.” They earn the same respect as black and minority cops do who stand there as ANTIFA yell insults at and spit on. BBC’s are some of the most important leaders to emerge from the battle against the establishment and will be a major force decades to come.

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I got to see everything that is establishment get reamed in their un-lubed asses by a yuge orange dildo for four years. Finally all I ever hated got pegged so hard that tears actually did run down their collective faces. So brutal and difficult to watch, but I still did. Self-pleasuring as they scrambled against the sheets trying cover their hypocrisy and corruption. Corporate media, social media, Hollywood, big tech, multi-nationals, the educational system, everything that reeks of control took it hard in the deep state. I never liked Trump until four years ago, seriously; I hated him. Only a billionaire would have the means to fight the establishment. He had been planning this for decades. He pissed on the legs of the most powerful systems in the world. Small minds can not grasp the epic nature of going up against these global powers. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Do you really expect a return to political civility now?
Don’t, because you took that off of the table in 2016.

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